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About Florida Professional Golf Tour


 The Florida Professional Golf Tour (aka FPGTour), now in it's 16th year, has roots that date back over 60 years. The tour was started by Rick Hendershot with the help of Mac Snow, both of whom are Class A members of the PGA of America, as a developmental tour for professional golfers in Central Florida. Re-Branded in 2006 under it’s new name, the FPGTour (Formerly known as the PGA’s North Florida Winter Tour) has quickly risen to become a premier destination for Tour players from around the world. From the start, the FPGTour has maintained a tour quality atmosphere in order to help prepare players for life as touring professionals. We strive to exceed the expectations of every professional golfer in order to leave them with an enduring experience and lessons that will allow them to succeed at a higher level. Though most of the sites from those early years are no longer used we have kept a few of the original events as part of the FPGTour and will continue to operate the long standing favorites that have been a mainstay in professional golf for the past 62 years. Those include The Riviera Open, The Indian River Open and the ever popular Wildwood Open and Pro-Am.

  We are proud to be a favorite amongst journeymen golf professional’s as well as visiting club professional’s and top amateurs from around the world. Whether tournament golf is a full time passion, or your just visiting Florida to escape the cold northern temperatures and want to keep your playing skills sharp in the off season, consider making Central Florida and the FPGTour your winter destination.

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